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Náš kód: GBIC-106 Kategória: Značka:

Application: The SFP GBIC-106 module is designed to convert an electrical signal into an optical signal. It is designed for single mode fiber transmission (SM) using one optical fiber terminated with an LC optical connector.
Fiber type: single mode (SM) – 8.3/125µm, 8.7/125µm, 9/125µm, 10/125µm,
Transmission speed: 1,25Gb/s
Transmission range: up to 20km
Optical Connector Type: 1xLC
Wavelength Tx/Rx: 1550nm / 1310nm
Standards and protocols: IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-FX
Power supply: 3,3VDC (power from SFP port)
Built-in DDM (Digital Diagnostics Monitoring)
The module has a snap-lock system for optical connectors
Proper communication with other devices requires the use of the GBIC-105 module

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